Alumni Chapter Members

The officers of the Theta Pi Alumni Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity shall be known as the Board of Directors and consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Alumni Events, Director of Communications, and an at-large director, each serving a one-year term.

The President shall oversee all alumni chapter operations and programs; preside over chapter meetings; be responsible for monitoring the activities of the other officers during intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors; shall appoint the chairman of the committees, who need not be Directors.

The Vice President shall serve as chair of the membership committee; shall perform duties of the President in his absence; shall be responsible for coordinating the Graduating Senior Ritual with the undergraduate chapter each year.

The Secretary shall work with the national fraternity to maintain the alumni records of the chapter and shall keep accurate records and minutes of all meetings.

The Treasurer is responsible for proposing the dues each year at the alumni chapter meeting; is responsible for the collection of dues and allocation of alumni chapter funds; shall serve as chair of the finance committee; serves as the chapter’s financial liaison between the chapter and the Pi Kappa Phi National organization; must present the chapter’s budget and financial standing at annual meeting; shall file necessary paperwork with the state and federal government as prescribed by state and federal law.

The Director of Alumni Communications shall be responsible for all alumni chapter communication with the general alumni population. This position will oversee the production and distribution of the alumni chapter newsletter program; shall also be responsible for the development and maintenance of an alumni/student chapter Web site and social media; shall be responsible for keeping a photo file for the alumni chapter, in the form of a Flickr account.

The Director of Alumni Events shall be responsible for the planning and execution of Homecoming and a Spring Alumni Weekend; shall make appropriate arrangements with the undergraduate chapter for Founders’ Day and Rose Ball activities; oversee the recruitment and support of regional event coordinators.

The At-Large Director will complete duties as assigned by the President.

The board of directors will be supported by several committees, as well as the dozens of dues-paying alumni chapter members. Those members supporting the efforts of the alumni chapter are listed below.

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2016-2017 dues-paying members:

  • Austin Castleberry
  • Justin Davenport
  • David McAlpin
  • Daniel Granvold
  • Dylan Groce
  • Marc Noble
  • Brandon Swilley
  • Austin O’Kelly
  • Austin Fisher
  • Joshua White
  • Elijah Owens
  • Todd Knowles
  • Jeff Chandler
  • Zach Intlehouse
  • Justin Linnstaedter
  • Bryan Okland
  • Brandon Okland
  • Logan Iffland
  • Derek Nail
  • Rene Hernandez
  • Blake Bristow
  • Charles Burroughs
  • Martin McKown
  • Taylor Kemp
  • Jordan Howell
  • Jesus Maldonado
  • Garrett Dupree