Theta Pi Chapter Archons

No other position within our Fraternity possesses such honor and influence as does our chapter Archon (President).

This an office that is held with high regard within our Fraternity and is given to man that best resembles what our Fraternity represents. Courage, decisiveness, and fairness are just a few of the values that our chapter leader possesses. Respect from the brothers of our Fraternity placed him in this position, and dedication to the chapter is what helps him succeed.

Our chapter reflects his actions, appearance, attitude, and fairness. Becoming an Archon of the Theta Pi chapter is an ultimate test of one’s ability to command, act, and lead.

The following is a list of men who have served as Archon for our chapter and have taken on the burden and responsibility of being our Chapter’s “Chief Magistrate.”

Semester Served:       


2007 (Fall)
Matt Beavers
2008 (Spring)
2008 (Fall)
Nathan McCrary
2009 (Spring)
2009 (Fall)
Carl Griffin Jr.
2010 (Spring)
2010 (Fall)
Jordan Norrell
2011 (Spring)
2011 (Fall)
Daniel Granvold
2012 (Spring)
2012 (Fall)
Anthony Domino
2013 (Spring)
2013 (Fall)
Charles Burroughs
2014 (Spring)
2014 (Fall)
John David McPhail
2015 (Spring)
2015 (Fall)
Sean Reinertson
2016 (Spring)
2016 (Fall)
Shane Conway
2017 (Spring)
2017 (Fall)
Chase Miller