2016-2017 board of directors elected to Theta Pi Alumni Chapter

2016-2017-board-of-directors-elected-to-theta-pi-alumni-chapterA slate of seven alumni of the Theta Pi Chapter Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity have been elected to guide the efforts of the alumni chapter. Daniel Granvold, Garrett Dupree, Bryan Ockland, Zach Intlehouse, Taylor Kemp, and Jesus Maldonado will serve as the 2015-2016 board of directors. These alumni officers will manage the Theta Pi Alumni Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, which exists to advance the interests of the student chapter and and provide continued networking and fellowship opportunities for alumni members.

As president, Daniel Granvold will be responsible for the overall strategic direction of the alumni group. He will implement the vision plan for the group, as well as manage the activities of committees and other board members.

As vice president, Garrett Dupree will serve in the absence of the president and direct alumni member recruitment.

As treasurer, Justin Davenport will ensure the financial well-being of the alumni chapter by creating a budget, overseeing all accounting duties (including accounts receivable/ payable), collection and deposit of alumni dues, file tax returns, and develop a long-term financial plan.

As secretary, Bryan Ockland will be responsible for maintaining all official meeting minutes and notices, including regular conference calls.

Zach Intlehouse will serve the board as director of alumni events. Annual gatherings such as Homecoming, the Founders’ Day Observance, Ability Experience events, and reunions will be under his direction. Intlehouse will serve as the primary liaison with the student chapter for event planning.

Overseeing the direction of alumni communications is the primary responsibility of Taylor Kemp. He will coordinate with the student chapter on all social media communication efforts, serve as custodian of member records, assist with publication of an alumni newsletter and maintenance of the chapter website.

Jesus Maldonado will serve as the director of special projects. Maldonado will be assigned to chair ad-hoc committees and perform special duties as directed by the board of directors.

The board of directors will be supported by several committees, as well as dues-paying alumni chapter members.

Those members supporting the efforts of the alumni chapter are listed below. To join, please send your annual dues contribution ($50) to this address:

Theta Pi Alumni Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
Attn: Alumni Dues

P.O. Box 131222
Tyler, TX 75713


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