Three generations of one family represented in Theta Pi Chapter

Three generations of one family represented in Theta Pi ChapterThree generations of a single family are now represented in the Theta Pi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at the University of Texas at Tyler. ­Tab Dupree and Wendell Anderson, the father and grandfather of student member Garrett Dupree, were initiated into the fraternity on April 9th, 2016.

Garrett got the idea to introduce them to Pi Kappa Phi after his mother and grandmother were alumni initiated into his sister’s sorority, Alpha Phi. “I saw how much they enjoyed that experience, so I asked my dad and my grandfather if they were interested and they jumped all over the opportunity.”

Joining Pi Kappa Phi will be another opportunity for this family to bond, Tab says. “I saw how much it meant to Garrett to be a part of this fraternity, so when he asked us to be a part of it and to share that with him, it definitely meant a lot to the both of us.”

Tab says it’s easy to see why his son cares so much about Pi Kappa Phi. “I have learned a lot through our interactions and the events that he tells me that he participates in through the fraternity. I was able to meet with some of his friends as well as his chapter advisor and could tell they were all very close.”

Tab is also excited to get involved with the fraternity’s philanthropy. “Whenever Garrett explained what The Ability Experience is about I knew that the group of guys that he surrounds himself with had a good head on their shoulders and were people that you would want your son hanging around.”


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